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Our History

Yale’s involvement with the legalization and proliferation of abortion began most prominently in 1965. In that year, the Dean of the Yale Law School argued in favor of Griswold v. Connecticut, a case that had been spurred by Planned Parenthood’s New Haven chapter. The reasoning in Griswold would be used to justify the Supreme Court's radical Roe v. Wade decision eight years later, which legalized abortion throughout the United States. Today, some Yale labs use fetal stem cell tissue, the Yale-New Haven Hospital performs abortions, and Yale tuition dollars fund the provision of abortions on our health plan.

Choose Life at Yale was formed in 2003 after the Yale administration held a vigil celebrating the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The pro-life community realized that it needed to play a more active role in challenging the Culture of Death found on the Yale campus. Those who believe that all human life deserves dignity and respect must work together to build a Culture of Life.


Please join us in upholding the dignity of human life through our meetings, discussions, events, and support of policies to ease the difficulties of pregnancy on campus. 

We welcome all Yale students - regardless of one's position - to engage with us. It is our hope that through charity, civility, and dedication, we can make this campus more welcoming place for pregnant and pro-life students. 

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